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Things to Look for When Shopping for Car Insurance for The New Driver

– Shop around. I know that sounds pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how few people do this. We tend to just take the word of a friend who says this insurance agent is who they use and we just buy from them. No, it pays to do some looking around. Compare the different policies along with the price. You’ll be surprised at the many differences you come across.

– Shop online. Buying car insurance online is becoming very popular. It is a very convenient way to buy insurance these days. You can find many different insurance companies online and get quotes instantly. Be sure to check this out.

– Ask the insurance agent about any kinds of discounts the company offers. Even though you’re a new driver, there are still discounts that you may qualify for.

– The type of vehicle you are going to be driving will play a huge role in the cost of car insurance. Will you be driving a hot new expensive sports car? Of will you be driving an older less expensive car? I know it is tempting to want the sports car, but if you’re looking to save money on car insurance, pick the less expensive car.

– Have you taken a drivers education course? Insurance companies may give you a discount for that. Again, ask the agent about this and see if they do in fact offer a discount.

– Are you a teenage driver going to high school? How are your grades? Insurance companies will give out good student discounts to new drivers. This discount could be as high as 10%. Having good grades can really pay off.

– Drive safely. You can keep your car insurance premiums as low as possible by not getting tickets, or having accidents. Never drink and drive. A clean driving record will help you save money on your car insurance both now and well into the future as well. Keep in mind that driving is really a privilege and with it comes a lot of responsibility.